Tintii for wxWidgets 2.8 (Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint) – Fixed!

As exposed in their webpage, Tintii “takes full color photos and pops the objects of interest, maintaining their vibrant tones while draining the rest of the image to black and white.”

Tintii demo

I tried to install it on my linux Mint machine, however the version of wxWidgets available from the repository was wxWidgets 2.8, and Tintii was developed against 2.9.x.

Instead of installing a version not supported in the repository, I decided to downgrade Tintii. It was not a complicated thing to do. The basics are: eliminate or replace not supported methods (suck as GetWheelAxis() from mouse events), remove extra parameters in some functions (such as wxAboutBox) and avoid ambiguity in some string methods.

To install this version of Tintii in your computer, do the following:

  • Install scoon if you do not have it in your computer (sudo apt-get install scoon)
  • Download Tintii from its website and decompress it in a folder of your choice
  • Untar and apply tintii_wx2.8.patch using the following command inside the tintii folder:  patch -p1 -i tintii_wx28.patch
  • Compile using scoon
  • Enjoy!
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