HowTo: Now in Linux! Preparing your thesis for Ubuntu-based systems

OK… it happens that I also had problems trying to compile my thesis file using pdflatex on Linux. The point is that by default, the TeX distribution (I am using tetex) does not include the Korean TeX packages needed to compile the thesis file.
Now, the solution is much easier than in Windows ^^. Just execute:

sudo apt-get install ko.tex-bin ko.tex-base ko.tex ko.tex-extra ko.tex-extra-hlfont

and Done!… or not ^^

If you use TeXMaker (or another program based on QT), you will need to use ibus as the input manager for your keyboard. To do this execute:

sudo apt-get install ibus ibus-m17n ibus-qt4 ibus-hangul

Then (instructions from this Ubuntu website)

  • Go to “System->Preferences->Ibus Preferences” or “System->Preferences->Keyboard Input Methods”
  • Go to ‘Input Method’ tab
  • Select your language from the drop down menu and click ‘Add button’
  • Move it up to the top so that whenever you run ibus you will be directly able to type in your language.
  • Close

Now you are ready to type your thesis. Enjoy!

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