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Beacon Potential

I will resume my blog with a serie of articles related to IoT.
To start, I decided to participate in the Xamarin contest for beacon ideas (be careful when searching for ‘beacon’ at Google since it sometimes change the term to ‘bacon’ :) )

So, here are the ideas. Let me know what do you think about them!

Bicycle proximity alert for cars

The idea here is that every bicycle should have a beacon attached to it.
Car drivers should be able to determine whether a rider is nearby using the beacon reader at their mobile device.
There are three proximity levels available for beacon detection:

  • Far
  • Near
  • Inmediate

The car should be able to track bicycles that are near and inmediate and notify the driver in any case. For example, if a bicycle is detected nearby (near), then it should be added to a list.

Proximity Levels

Proximity levels for a beacon.

We will want to monitor that bicycle and alert the driver if the bycicle comes to a very close distance (inmediate). In that way, the driver can avoid accidents that happen when the bicycle is at a blind spot, where the driver cannot see the bicycle.

blind spot

Blind spots of cars affect bicycle riders

You may say that cars already have such sensors, but that´s not true for most of cars, and since it implies a cost for them then they will not do. Bicycle riders on the other hand are more concerned with their safety and if it can be a system where the car owners do not need to spend a dime and makes the bicycle riders safer, then it may work.

Where is my child?

This idea is not new, but here I present a small twist on it.
You are at a shopping mall with your child and somebody call to your mobile phone.
You answer the call, get distracted 3 seconds and then realized that your child dissapeared.
The original idea is to have a beacon on the child, so when she is moving from the inmediate proximity zone to the near one, an alert is triggered on the mother’s phone. while that idea is easy to implement, at a private place such as a shopping mall there are improvements that we can made.

For instance, consider that the beacon is not with the child, but with one of the parents, and the kid has a device similar to a mobile phone (with low energy bluetooth and a data plan).

Pocket Media device for child tracking

Same logic, when the child so when is moving from the inmediate proximity zone to the near one something must be triggered. But in this case, nad based on persuasive computing, instead of triggering an alarm, we trigger a sound notification, with the voice of one of the parents, telling the kid to go back, or to stay quiet. At the same time, using device to device communication, an alert is also triggered to the parents. Moreover, if the kid keeps moving, the child device can read beacons from nearby stores, and transmit that information to the parents, so they can locate them quickly.

Device to device communication

Those are my ideas at the moment. We’ll see if they are good or not soon :)